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Most Impactful World Game 2016: Indrawan
- He created strategies for the multiplication factor level and number of skills past on to World Game entrepreneurs and their coaches.

Most Impactful Regional World Game 2016: Anna Lebedeva, Russia, 
- Free online coaching for teachers

The Most Inspiring World Game 2016: Iaci Rios
- Bringing coaching style teaching to children in the favelas of Sao Paulo

The Most Sustainable, ‘Ongrowing’ World Game 2016: Lyra Puspa
- Coachnesia and the Coachnesia book system supporting Indonesian coaches and their different projects


Learn this Balinese Dance

Learn this Balinese Dance

Listen to traditional Angklung Music

Listen to traditional Angklung Music



Developing social responsibility globally through solution-focused leadership

What Is The World Game?

The World Game is a movement to create a world consciousness tipping point. Everyone is invited to play! The Bali World Game Conference is a culmination of many events around the globe, and is intended to spark passion for helping others, while sharing inspiration, hope, and positivity. Started by solution-focused coaches, The World Game has the power to become much bigger! If everybody plays, humanity wins.

By hosting value-oriented, positive, fun “games” this global phenomenon can inspire us to choose positivity and happiness in the development and improvement of ourselves and our planet. Visionary, solution-focused coaching warms the hearts and minds of people in such a way that they ‘get cracking’ and emerge strongly into their own leadership vision.


To build a playful community that creates a world consciousness tipping point

Playing The World Game

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