What is a World Game Coach? Being a World Game coach means becoming part of the tipping point for emergence and accelerated change as your coaching legacy. It means expanding your capacity to hold an emergent vision for yourself and others in service to humanity and the planet.

World Game Coach Training is available to individuals who aspire to partner with themselves and others in leadership, emergent consciousness as a change agent, and institutions with position and potential to shift human organizations more deeply in service to humanity and our planet. All World Game Coach training is embedded within our International World Game Community through a LIVE Online platform. Everyone plays.
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Part One

Develop your understanding of the World Game tipping point concept.

Understand and develop World Game WE framework through the Five Perceptual Positions.

Gain a WE vision of yourself as a World Game Coach.

Develop understanding and habits of emergent WE consciousness through and growth mindset and
     second tier awareness.

Develop your capacity to hold emergent second tier spaces for World Game Leaders and Teams 
     for WE consciousness.

Part Two

Ability to identify the key architecture of potential World Game Leaders, Teams and Organizations.

How to share with leaders and organization the concept of the World Game “tipping point”.

How to share with leaders and organizations an invitation to see their legacy through the through
    the WE lens.

Ability to hold World Game Coaching WE space for leaders and organization as they gain clarity and
    map their legacy to humanity and the planet.

Skills to hold WE coaching space for leaders and organizations to design their World Game Project 
    through powerful questions of second tier WE space.

Creating a space for identifying resources and networking with other leaders and organizations in 
     support of their World Game Project.

Assist change leaders and teams to build project of commitment that are adaptive and sustainable 
    through time.

Assist leaders and organizations to build grit and resiliency by accessing WE support as they move
    past project challenges as sign posts to the emergent process.

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